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Hey Bestie!

waving hand emoji welcoming the people on the website who are struggling to manage stress and anxiety
Big Hugs to support people who are looking for ways to relieve stress and anxiety

Are you lonely, or struggling with stress & anxiety?

You are not alone

Join the FullCircle community and get help from peers who've been there, done that!

This is the ultimate solution on how to manage stress and anxiety


Messages exchanged


Experiences shared

I'm ananya,
founder @fullcircle
Here's my story. 

This is the ultimate solution on how to manage stress and anxiety

I made FullCircle to be everything
I wish I had when I was struggling


What FullCirclers used to say

We were tired of being controlled by toxic family members

"It's the toxic family members for me"

We didn't know who to ask for help and struggle all alone with mental health issues such as stress and anxiety

"No cap I didn't know who to ask for help"

We're stressed about our career and are scared of the uncertainties about the future

"I do be stressed about my career"

We didn't have money for therapy

"My broke ass has no $$$ for therapy"

Therapy didn't work for us

"Therapy didn't pass the vibe check for me"

We had no friends to talk to about our struggles

"I high key have 0 friends to talk to about my struggles"

What FullCirclers say now

How FullCircle helpes us in relieving stress and anxiety
This is the ultimate solution on how to manage stress and anxiety

FullCircle do be hitting different

We believe in helping others going through stress and anxiety by sharing our personal life experiences

"We out here helping others by sharing our life experiences iykyk"

We support each other in achieving our daily self help goals

"We do be pressed about supporting each others' glow ups"

We are tired of mental health stigma and believe in having an open and honest conversation about our struggles in managing stress and anxiety

"We stan abolishing mental health stigma"

FullCircle has been all over the News

Link to the TED Talk given by our founder Ananya Jain
FullCircle awarded by the the Princess Diana Award by the Royal Family of London
Forbes global article featuring FullCircle
FullCircle featured in BBC World
Yahoo article feature FullCircle
FullCircle featured by AOL Media
FullCircle logo
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